Pat Owoc's recent work has been of two types -- botanical designs using disperse dye on polyester fabric and works reminiscent of the Kansas prairie of her childhood. There is an element of storytelling in most of Owoc's work.

In working with themes of story, history, and landscape, she uses a wide assortment of uncommon materials and techniques -- ragged painted fabric strips, polyester fabric as a foundation for disperse dye, discarded materials and distressed artifacts, and a variety of surface design techniques. Owoc relies heavily on photographs -- old and new -- that she transforms and adapts to tell stories or to evoke mood.

Just as time changes memory of landscape and story, time changes the work of the artist. While Owoc's current work is at times dream-like and indistinct and at times almost graphic in nature, the work is rooted in a tradition of handwork, hand quilting and garment making. Even though the memory of specific scenes and events has changed over time, Owoc relies on early-learned skills along with newly acquired techniques to create fiber art. Her stitched constructions, mixed media pieces and art quilts rely on a melding of old and new, both in imagery and skill.

Owoc is active in area and national fiber art groups. She exhibits locally and nationally and teaches and lectures on a number of topics including her own work and surface design techniques.